Facility Policies

  1. Access to the facility is only granted to individuals enrolled in MSE lab courses and those who complete the user registration process. Entry door key codes are not to be shared with ANYONE.

  2. Corridor lab doors are to be closed and locked at all times. Doors may only be propped open for moving items in and out of the lab, and only when you are within sight of the room.

  3. Enter the main lab facility through room 7 and leave your personal items in the lockers outside the entrance (do not take coats or bags into the labs).

  4. No chemicals or lab PPE should be brought into room 7.

  5. Do not use any equipment or perform any procedures for which you have not received training and approval from the lab staff.

  6. If you are not completely confident in the task you are about to perform, ASK QUESTIONS FIRST.

  7. Treat all lab equipment with care and report any malfunction or breakage immediately.

  8. Do not remove any equipment or supplies from the lab without permission.

  9. Lab supplies are primarily stocked for use in classes and undergraduate projects. Generally researchers are expected to bring their own consumables to the lab, but common use items (acetone, alcohol, wipes, etc.) are available. If you notice something running low please notify the lab staff.

  10. Remove gloves before touching common use surfaces (knobs and handles, keyboards, drawers, doors, storage boxes, etc.). When using analytical equipment with samples requiring gloves, use a gloved hand to handle the samples and your other un-gloved hand to touch the equipment and computer. If gloves must be worn during equipment use (for example, when using a mass balance), clean all equipment touch points (for example, the keypad and draft shield door handle on a balance) after use.

  11. Do not dispose of plastic pipettes or syringes, glass, sharps, chemicals, or chemical-contaminated items in the trash or sinks. Reminder signage is posted on trash, glass, and sharps receptacles in the lab.

  12. Follow EHRS guidelines for the proper disposal of hazardous waste. Hazardous waste generators are responsible for tagging containers and arranging for pickup by EHRS in a timely manner. Speak with the lab manager

  13. Clean up your work area when finished or at the end of each day. Unplug all portable heat sources (heat guns, hot plates, etc.), close/cover and label any experiments in progress, close the fume hood sash, and turn out the lights if you are the last person in the room at the end of the day.