Lab Safety and Facility Policies

Emergency Phone Numbers

Penn Public Safety
511 from a campus phone | 215-573-3333 from a non-campus phone

Philadelphia Emergency Dispatch

Penn Environmental Health & Radiation Safety

LRSM building administrator, Tim Litty

MSE Lab Safety Information and Policies

Students, researchers, teaching assistants, staff and faculty must abide by these policies for lab safety.  Noncompliance will result in an individual's immediate removal from the lab until their instructor or supervisor determines is it safe for them to return. 

Emergency Contacts / Incident Reporting

Add Penn Public Safety to your mobile phone contact list.  Mobile phone service in the LRSM basement may be weak.  Use campus phones when possible for emergencies.

Emergency Response Procedures

Lab Attire

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Laboratory Hygiene and Decorum

Waste Management

Do Not Work Alone

Make sure there is someone in the vicinity when:

Work Informed

Student Supervision

MSE Lab General Facility Policies

The authors gratefully acknowledge the use of facilities and instrumentation (specify which equipment) supported by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering Departmental Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania.

Use of the Instron 5564 Tabletop Universal Testing Machine should be acknowledged in publications with the following text:

The authors gratefully acknowledge use of facilities and instrumentation supported by NSF through the University of Pennsylvania Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) (DMR-1720530).

LRSM Basement Map